The Queen’s 90th birthday | Shop at the Museum

Queen Elizabeth II’s 90th birthday is a celebration of the world’s oldest reigning monarch and Britain’s longest lived. From her ascension to the throne in 1952 to the present day, the Queen has served over 64 years as head of state, longer even than her famously long reigning great-great grandmother Queen Victoria, who was on the throne for 63 years and 7 months.

Queen Elizabeth visited the Museum with the Duke of Edinburgh in 1981 to celebrate its 100th birthday, unveiling a plaque in commemoration of the centenary.

We have put together a range of products here at the Museum from up-and-coming British designers to help you cheer on this momentous occasion.

Whether the thought of having two birthdays makes your green with envy, or white with alarm, the scale of the Queen’s official celebration is set to be huge.

The Queen was born on 21 April 1926, and this year her birthday was commemorated with over 900 lit beacons across the UK and abroad, with the first one lit by the Queen herself. Don’t panic if you missed the boat on that occasion; the Queen’s birthday is actually celebrated twice in the year, with her official birthday being celebrated Sat 11 Jun.

To celebrate, we have pulled together a clutch of exciting products celebrating iconic features of the capital; from its well-known skyline, to the uniformed Queen’s Guard still carrying out their duties, to the facade of our very own Museum.

From humble beginnings in a tiny curtain shop just off the King’s road, Cath Kidston has gone from strength to strength. Cath helped to roll out the concept of “Modern Vintage”, a go-to staple of modern fashion that has re-invented the way we view past-design, and her accessories combine fashion sense with practicality. These adorable accessories feature a London-themed print that is perfect for a day out celebrating, and these handy holders are perfect gifts for adults and kids alike.

Cecily Vessey is a London based illustrator who uses the iconic London skyline as her inspiration for designs. Vessey’s not-to-scale, bold designs mirror the fluctuating nature of the london skyline, and her prints have been copied onto a range of accessories. What better way to enjoy the new and emerging London landscape than over a morning cup of tea!

Rory Dobner is a London-based illustrator commissioned by the Museum to create pen and ink sketches of its facade. Rory used the original Waterhouse watercolour designs in the Museum’s archives for inspiration, and has created beautiful sketches that show the intricacy of the Museum’s exterior. Rory has also created a range of homeware that celebrates the dodo, copied from the famous specimen in the Museum’s Birds gallery.

Rory Dobner's sketch of the Waterhouse building and his take on our Dodo transposed on our fine china collection.

Rory Dobner’s sketch of the Waterhouse building and his take on our Dodo transposed on our fine china collection.

Whether you end up hosting or going to a street party, or simply want to get your hands on beautiful representations of iconic landmarks, this collection of London-themed homeware from home-grown designers will be sure to add a dash of spirit to the home and to the celebrations.